Emma Carew Grovum

Emma Carew Grovum is a multi-platform storyteller and product manager working as a newsroom consultant in New York. She is founder of Kimbap Media and works at the intersection of storytelling, technology, and audience to help newsrooms solve challenges in revenue and engagement.

In addition to providing anti-racism interventions that bring necessary change to newsrooms, Emma coaches journalists on leadership, product thinking, and membership. As a Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow, she is developing a playbook and curriculum for promoting and retaining journalists of color in local news. Emma co-authors Sincerely, Leaders of Color, a newsletter column “for people who want a different experience for journalists of color in their newsroom”.

Emma has overseen content management systems, newsletters and membership products. Prior, she worked in every corner of newsrooms large and small as a researcher, reporter, social media editor, homepage manager, and assistant managing editor.

She currently serves as Program Director at the News Product Alliance, a journalism community of support and practice for news product thinkers.

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